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Their Story

Many of our dogs have been waiting a long time to be adopted. They are the adult dogs, the handicapped dogs, and the timid dogs. Some have spent the first part of their lives with little or no human contact or affection, maybe at the end of a chain or just left on their own. These are the plain-janes and average-joes; the ones with the awesome personalities who just can't compete with the cute little puppies that everyone wants to take home.  But their hearts and desire for love are just as great.  Some have spent years in foster homes waiting for their forever families.  Until they find them, we will be here to hope with them and wait with them - even if it takes forever.

A large part of our challenge in finding homes is the competition. Our dogs are trying to compete with younger, smaller, prettier, cuter, more 'well-bred' dogs.  The biggest problem is the limited number of special homes and families willing to give these dogs a chance.  One obstacle we often face is that many of our dogs had never been socialized. They were neglected and abandoned and have to learn to trust each and every new person they meet. Especially when they have spent months or longer in foster homes, possibly the first gentle hand they have encountered, it is difficult for them to adjust to a new family.

It takes very special people to accept a dog that cowers at the slightest movement-even the offering of affection. But the reward that comes when that dog finally starts to wag their tail and show trust for you is priceless. For the rescuers there is no feeling in the world like seeing a dog after adoption, walking confidently and playing casually in their new home, and knowing they are happy. For us it seems there are always tears-at first for what they have suffered, and when they find their forever home we cry because we have to let them go.

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